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Jim’s Mobile Dog Wash & Grooming

Jim's Dog Wash offers professional mobile dog grooming services to all dogs right across Australia. If you proudly own one or more dogs who simply need a good freshen up or something a bit more such as a full clip or complete groom then we're here to help.  Maybe you're pet-sitting for a friend or relative and want to surprise them with a clean fresh pooch when they return home.  Either way Jim's Dog Wash can help you now!

All Jim's Dog Wash franchisees take great pride in offering a range of dog wash and dog grooming services to cater to all different breeds, large, small and everything in between!  They are passionate individuals who love working with dogs and are happy to share their knowledge with you to ensure your pooch receives a service to suit.  Call us on 131 546 or click on 'Request A Quote' to receive a call within 2 hours from your local Jim's Dog Wash groomer to find out how we can provide the best service for your pooch.

We believe in making sure your dog is in the best hands which is why our Jim's Dog Wash franchisees not only train in dog grooming salons under some of Australia's leading groomers, but they also gain Nationally Recognised Qualifications in Pet Grooming and Styling and continue to take part in grooming workshops furthering their skills.  We understand there's more to washing and grooming your pooch than meets the eye and many of our customers comment on how our knowledge and professionalism have made such a difference to their dogs wash and grooming experience.

As your dogs experience is important to us we can ensure the comfort of your pooch in our fully equipped, mobile dog grooming trailer.  Our trailers have been designed with your dogs comfort in mind but also to allow our Jim's Dog Wash franchisees to carry out each service in the best working environment possible.  All our hydro baths use temperature controlled water while many now have instant gas hot water for the cooler times of the year.  For the warmer climates we also offer air-conditioned comfort in many of our trailers which our team right around Australia love too!

Our range of mobile dog wash and mobile dog grooming services include everything for your dogs needs.  Our dog wash service isn't 'just' a dog wash service.  We use the highest quality products including a wide range of shampoos, conditioners and colognes which cater for all coat types and also skin conditions and/or problem parasites which may be present on your dog for example fleas and ticks.  A chamois, towel and then thorough blow dry is next which is important for the condition of your dogs coat and skin and also prevents that 'wet-dog' smell occurring.  If it's your dogs first time being groomed or if they've had a less than positive grooming experience in the past, we start this process slowly and introduce your pooch to the dryer gently with lots of positive encouragement.  Further to this we will clip your dogs nails as required and also gently clean their ears. And finally a sprits of cologne to leave your dog smelling fresh and not forgetting their well earned doggy treat!

Jim's Dog Wash mobile grooming services are extensive as we understand every dogs coat type is different dependant on the breed and condition. Whether your dog has a short or long coat, whether they're single, double or triple coated and shedding everywhere or if they need clipping or styling we can provide it all.  All of our mobile grooming services include everything that comes with our mobile dog wash service, we only groom a clean and well prepared coat!

We offer a number of grooming services including a thorough de-shed for thicker coats where we will remove all of your dogs undercoat leaving them feeling amazing and allowing their coat to breath in summer and keep them warm in winter, not to mention less fur around your house or yard!

We also offer clipping and styling services which include both a tidy up clip and a full clip.  Our tidy up clip includes face, paws and hygiene areas trimmed which helps you maintain their coat in between their full clips.  Our full clip covers nose to tail and is tailored to suit their breed, style and to assist you in maintaining their entire coat.  Our Jim's Dog Wash franchisee will discuss all options available taking into account your dogs coat condition and how you'd love your dog to be groomed!

As Jim's Dog Wash provides mobile dog wash and mobile grooming services we put a strong focus on providing our service across the whole of Australia. We know from seeing the growth of pet ownership in Australia, especially the increase in dog owners, that there are dogs far and wide.  Not only that but we also recognise and acknowledge the amazing number of responsible and loving dog owners like you!  With so many caring owners comes the need to provide not only high standards of dog wash and dog grooming services but to be able to reach all you and your pampered pooches too!  With a Jim's Dog Wash franchise team in every state of Australia, covering both metropolitan and regional areas, we are only a phone call away from conveniently arriving at your doorstep to wash and groom your pooch.  Whether you need a dog wash or dog grooming service in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide or Perth or one of Australia's many regional cities from Geelong to the Gold Coast, we are here to help pamper your pooch!

We're excited to meet your dog (one or many) and of course yourself, so call us on 131 546 or click 'Request A Quote' to receive a call from your local Jim's Dog Wash groomer now!